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helping you live your life the way you want

Our Occupational Therapists provide comprehensive assessment and interventions to maximise your independence and help you live your life the way you want. We have extensive experience working with people with complex needs. Our services are individualised, focusing on the tasks, activities, and roles that are important to you.

We believe that by working together you will receive the best outcome. We will work with you and your treating team. We have strong links with other health professionals, medical teams, support coordinators and other service providers.

We service the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and surrounding areas

Teletherapy services are available Australia wide

We also offer Regional Travel

We work with adults and adolescents aged over 16 years

Services offered

Common conditions we work with include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Neurological conditions;
    – Stroke
    – Multiple Sclerosis
    – Parkinson’s Disease
    – Functional Neurological Disorder
    – Motor Neurone Disease
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Multiple and complex needs
  • Intellectual disabilities

Therapy and rehabilitation

Our experienced therapists provide specialised rehabilitation for Neurological conditions including Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s, Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Post Concussion Syndrome, Functional Neurological Disorder, Dementia, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord injury and other Neurological conditions.

We understand how the nervous system can be damaged and how it impacts you physically, cognitively and how it stops you from doing the things you want to do.

Rehabilitation is aimed at maximising function and improving quality of life.

Upper limb therapy

We assist you to regain arm and hand function using a range of evidence based practices such as constraint induced movement therapy, electrical stimulation and task specific training.

Therapy is tailored to your needs and may include improving muscle strength, fine motor skills, coordination, sensation and hand dexterity.

We can also provide services to manage upper limb spasticity and therapy following Botulinum Toxin injections.

Cognitive rehabilitation

Our experienced therapists assess and treat a range of cognitive difficulties including attention, concentration, memory, problem solving and higher level executive function skills.

We also look at how your neurological condition is impacting on you including fatigue and ‘brain fog’.

We provide therapy to improve thinking skills or suggest functional strategies and aids to maximise your safety and independence.

Assistive Technology prescription

We assess, trial and prescribe a range of equipment and aids to improve your independence and safety and help you live your life the way you want.

Assistive technology may include shower chairs, long handled aids, kitchen aids, wheelchairs, pressure cushions, hoists, electric beds and chairs. Aids to assist you to participate in leisure and recreation activities can also be prescribed. Technology such as environmental control units, eye gaze technology and aids to compensate for cognitive impairment can also be trialled and recommended.

We are experienced with complex wheelchair and seating prescription.

Functional independence measure (FIM) assessments

We have experienced Occupational Therapists who are FIM™ (Functional Independence Measure) trained and credentialed.

The FIM™ instrument is a basic indicator of severity of disability and can be used to track functional ability over time.

Living skills training

We help improve your independence with a range of daily living skills such as personal care tasks, activities around the home, daily routines, work, leisure and recreation activities and getting out in the community.

Functional capacity assessments

Our occupational therapists provide comprehensive assessments and reports which outline what you are able to do and how much support you need.

We are very experienced at writing reports for various funding bodies.

Housing needs assessments

Our experienced therapists provide comprehensive assessments and reports to assist with determining your housing needs.

This may include Supported Independent Living (SIL), Individualised Living Options (ILO) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

Home safety assessments and minor modifications

We complete home assessments to review your safety at home and reduce your risk of falls and accidents.

Minor home modifications such as grab rails and minor ramps can be organised.

Care and Needs assessments

Our experienced therapists provide care and needs assessments after catastrophic injury to assist with determining current and future support needs.

Regional travel

Our therapists are committed to servicing regional and remote clients offering regular travel to regional and remote locations to provide assessments and consultations.

Please contact us for more details.

Funding Options

You do not need a doctor’s referral to access our services. We accept referrals for a range of funding bodies.

Fees are dependant on funding source and rebates will vary.

Funding options may include:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ)
  • Lifetime Care and Support
  • Traffic Accident Commission (TAC)
  • Home care packages
  • Private Health funds
  • Privately funded

Our goal is for you to Receive flexible, tailor made Occupational Therapy services so you can live your life the way you want. We love thinking outside the box and coming up with solutions to improve your independence and quality of life.